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On-site Ceramic Coating Service

CoatingMax Home & Building consultants, qualified technicians and field service agents provide an all in one ceramic coating service including cleaning, preparation, ceramic coating application and subsequent maintenance and top ups.


Ceramic coating first established in the car detailing  industry launches the Home and Building range with  the release of CoatingMax Glass, Stone and Metal solutions.The nano-particle coating is a self-leveling technology which effectively bonds to the target surface and lasts up to 5 years. The transparent, flexible and impermeable protected surface will reduce cleaning time and effort by 90%.

Using engineered bonds for glass, mirror surfaces, stones  ceramic or porcelain tiles, stainless steel, copper and metal surfaces the nano-particle coating creates a transparent, flexible and  impermeable  protective coating. This results in a hydrophobic resistant ceramic coating protection against aging, extreme weather, heat & UV rays, water stains, dirt, mud, grease, contaminants and scratches. The High Gloss Shine appearance requires no harsh detergents clean  creating a truly Eco-friendly cleaning solution.

The nano ceramic coating strengthens glass, tiles, benchtops and appliance surface by up to 60%.

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