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Exterior Mould treatment and protection
Exterior and Interior Application CoatingMax UltimateShield


Take advantage of our professionals, trained and certified to provide nano HNB Ultimate Shield coating on commercial buildings, infastructure and homes with 10 years guarantee from discolouration, mould, water stains, acid rain damage and carbonisation

Application can be either rolled or sprayed on with paint sprayers and will take 4 hours to be touch dry and 48 hours to complete curing. The protected coating will last up to 10 years.  


  • CoatingMax HNB UltimateShield is ecofriendly and tested safe for indoor and outdoor use with low volatile organic compounds

  • HNB UltimateShield will bond to exterior and interior  concrete, flooring, wood, steel and metals, painted and rendered surfaces and many other constructions and infrastructures

  • UltimateShield coated surfaces will provide 10 years resistance to carbonisation, water stains, mould and bacteria, UV rays and chemicals including sea water and acid rain

  • UltimateShield coating is chemical resistant, flame retardant, contains no plastics, prevents aging, self-cleaning, anti-corrosion, waterproof, climate resistant, anti-scratch, anti-stain and graffiti resistant

Antibacterial Antifungal Spray
ULV Fogger Application CoatingMax CleanAir 

CoatingMax certified professionals will perform testing before and after, restore mould and water damage, provide cleaning services before treating the entire premise with CoatingMax CleanAir.


CleanAir is 100% natural, food grade and skin safe and uses patented nanotechnology for 28 days sustained release of cinnamon and horseradish extracts.

CoatingMax CleanAir has been tested to kill and continue killing 99.9% of surface and airborne bacteria, mould  and spores, odours and bacteria for 28 days. It will continue eradicating viruses including influenza and coronavirus for 4 weeks on surfaces and surrounding area.

CoatingMax CleanAir is FDA Approved and TGA determined to be a surface coating with ongoing benefits. Containing only natural ingredients, CleanAir is ecofriendly, biodegradable and free from chemicals and toxins.  

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