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HNB UltimateShield

HNB UltimateShield contains patented nanotechnology that combines the organic properties of flexibility, toughness with inorganic benefits of chemical, UV and thermal resistance. Once applied onto buildings, internal and external walls, floors, metal, paint and concrete provides the ultimate protection against acid rain, water, mould, discolouration, destructive UV rays, heat, sea water, stains and even graffiti.

NWK742S Indonesia Wall test.jpg


Terrace building without protection exposed to the elements will discolour and encourage rapid growth of mould and bacteria.


When surface is jet spray cleaned and protected with CoatingMax HNB UltraShield the building shows little to no discolouration and mould or bateria growth even after 3 years.

NWK742S Indonesia Wall test after 3years(Bacteria Kill).jpg
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