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Disinfecting Buildings

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Looking for chemical free mould solution or Starting a new business?

SprayWell is Australian made from natural cinnamon and horseradish extracts using patented eggshell nanotechnology for sustained antimicrobial activity. Tests have proven SprayWell to continue cleaning surfaces and airborne bacteria, mould spores, odours and viruses for 28 days each spray. FDA approved and TGA determined to be a surface spray with ongoing benefits, SprayWell is also tested skin and food grade safe.

CoatingMax is seeking resellers in the HVAC and building maintenance industry to offer this natural antimicrobial solution to their clients and customers.

The commercial spraying for antimicrobial treatment of bacteria, mould, odour and viruses for industrial, commercial, farming, storage and manufacturing industries are untouched. Use and application is limitless. These include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, production operations that need clean areas (tested with ATP / RLU readings.) Other uses are antimicrobial spraying of egg farms to control bacteria and odours, launderettes to control mould and odours, bacteria and virus control in public places including airports, railway stations, restaurants, medical clinic waiting rooms, hospitals, education facilities and schools. Protecting surfaces and airborne space of public transport including trains, buses, ferries and planes and supply to HVAC service and solution providers to clean HEPA filters are only the beginning

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