Backed by our research & development manufacturing company based in South Korea, CoatingMax specialises in Nanotechnology Coating solutions for the automotive and construction industries.

The nano particles are small enough to form semi-permanent covalent bonds to surfaces including painted panels, glass, stone, porcelain, fabric and metal. The benefits have been proven on motor vehicles, homes and commercial buildings.

Each coating is engineered for different surfaces depending on their atomic configuration. Creating complex structures that are measured in nanometres, it merges chemistry and physics together to bring about exciting results and a vast array of benefits accessible to everyone.


CoatingMax NWK A-FV is the only all natural and safe for human contact bacteria and virus (including COVID-19 virus) neutralising solution effective for surfaces and airborne antiviral activity lasting 28 days or longer.  

CoatingMax Automotive products provides nano ceramic protection for exterior panels, windows, mirrors and interior surfaces creating a protective barrier to repel water, dirt, mould and UV rays.  

CoatingMax Home & Building products are engineered to protect glass, stone, metal, vinyl and leather surfaces from scratches, dirt and mould creating an eco-friendly cleaning solution with up to 90% reduction in cleaning efforts.  

CoatingMax CMX Ceramic Shield increases durability and strength of glass, screens and monitors of laptops, smartphones and all electronic devices by 60%.



CoatingMax provides a professional service to prepare and apply a permanent nano ceramic coating on cars, motorbikes, campervans, caravans, vans, buses, bicycles, yachts and boats from our partners and service outlets.


Our on call service professionals can attend on-site to protect your home and building surfaces including windows and glass, external surfaces, internal metal and stone appliances and fixtures providing hassle free all in one service. Bookings and quotes can be obtained my making an appointment

CoatingMax can provide surface coating to limit transmission and spread of COVID-19 virus with lasting effect. Enquire Now.

All services are undertaken by trained service agents and technicians.

“Bonded Protection"


Ceramic Coating