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NWK A-FV Eggshell on COVID.emf.jpg


Nanotechnology weapon against COVID-19

FDA Reg. 10080973 OTC Antimicrobial Agent

EPA Material CAS No. 8015-91-6

Antiviral Test (ASTM E 1052)

Man Airbrushing
Man Airbrushing

NWK A-FV Application

CoatingMax NWK A-FV surface coating creates a semi-permanent bond to fabric and porous surfaces like curtains, painted walls and ceilings which cannot be washed or cleaned regularly.


Unique differentiating features and benefits:

  1. Using nano-sized 'egg shell' particles, NWK A-FV contains all natural horseradish, cinnamon and compound oils which has been demonstrated to kill bacteria and viruses including the Feline Coronavirus

  2. All natural, bio-degradable and tested to be safe for human contact 

  3. Once allowed to cure and activate on target surface for two hours, NWK A-FV will continue to neutralise surface viruses with effectiveness of 99% and airborne viruses including Feline Coronavirus with effectiveness of 77%

  4. The ongoing efficacy has been tested lasting for 4 weeks 

NWK A-FV is a surface coating that when allowed to bond and release disinfectant oils (2 hours activation time) continues to work in neutralising and reducing the spread of Coronavirus for 4 weeks or more.

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